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Wisconsin Mice Control


Have Mice moved into your home, basement, or kitchen? Don’t let these unwelcome rodents feast on your food, chew up your home, and leave their droppings everywhere (how rude, right?!). Mice are great at hiding inside walls, small spaces, and little openings around your house. Contact our team to have us inspect your home or property today!

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Milwaukee Wisconsin Mice Rodent Removal

Mice Removal Treatment


Family owned and operated, the health and safety of your family is our first priority when performing our services. Our goal is to provide a service of the highest quality in a efficient manner. For your protection we are Licensed and Insured. To better serve our customers we always stay up to date with the latest techniques in the pest control field.

About Mice

What Are They & How To Identify

A mouse is a small rodent with a pointed nose, furry round body, large ears and a long, often hairless, tail. Common mice colors are white, brown and grey. There many types of mice, but common varieties include deer mouse, house mouse, field mouse, wood mouse, dormouse, spiny mouse and zebra mouse.

Mice are nocturnal creatures, becoming active at night to search for new food sources. You may also hear them at night when they grind their teeth or chew on food, wood, and other materials.

How To Tell If You Have Mice

Mice Droppings/Feces: Droppings are a sure sign that mice are present, and will indicate the type of rodent, the size of the infestation, and where they are most active. In addition to feces, rodent urine has a strong musky odor. With large infestations, you can easily smell it.

Gnawed Holes/Marks: Gnawed mouse holes are small, clear-cut, and about the size of a dime. Gnaw marks on wood around the house also are a sign.

Noises: Rodents are nocturnal. At night they often create scratching sounds as they run inside walls and along floors.

How To Prevent Getting Mice

Seal Outside Cracks: Close up all holes along your exterior using recommended rodent-proofing materials. Pay particular attention to doors, windows, and vents.

Clean Your Kitchen: If rodents don’t have food, they certainly have no reason to want to invade your home. Don’t leave food sitting out in and around your home. Make sure garbage cans and pet food are securely contained in rodent-proof bins.

Remove Outdoor Food Sources: Gardens and fruit trees can draw in rodents. If you have fruit trees, regularly remove dropped fruit from the ground. Keep the tree pruned to prevent hiding spots for rodents.


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