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Wisconsin Disinfecting Services


Has there been an outbreak of illness at your location? Concerned about someone who visited while sick? Our Disinfection service eliminates 100% of all bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) to help increase health protection for your staff, customers, and people who are more sensitive to illness such as children and senior citizens.

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Milwaukee Wisconsin Disinfecting Services
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Commercial Disinfecting


Family owned and operated, the health and safety of your family is our first priority when performing our services. Our goal is to provide a service of the highest quality in a efficient manner. For your protection we are Licensed and Insured. To better serve our customers we always stay up to date with the latest techniques in the pest control field.

COVID-19 Disinfecting

Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on Milwaukee businesses, causing many to shut down or limit service, and has forced local business owners to implement strict cleaning measures.

Having an outbreak at your business is a serious health hazard, and can risk the safety of your staff and customers. Our Disinfecting Services kill 100% of all viruses and bacteria to ensure a clean and heathy environment so that you can resume business and stay open.

We have helped many businesses across Southeastern Wisconsin combat this disease such as: Restaurants, Churches, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Community Centers, Event Halls, Playgrounds, and more.

Protect Staff Members & Employees

Employees often work together for long periods of time which can make it easy to spread illness and make it difficult to manage an outbreak if someone comes to work sick. They may not even have symptoms, so shared working spaces and surfaces may become contaminated with bacteria without anyone knowing.

This can result in many employees being sick and limit staffing at your business, so it’s important to get all areas disinfected quickly to prevent further spread of disease and to help ensure a safe working environment for employees.

Protect Your Customers

Customers want to feel safe visiting your business, but it’s easy for commonly used surfaces (such as doors, chairs, handrails, etc.) to be a breeding ground of harmful bacteria and viruses. With limited staff or without proper equipment, it can be difficult to properly disinfect contaminated areas.

A sick customer can easily spread illness and risk the health of other customers, especially people who may have a weakened immune system or children and senior citizens.

If you believe someone visited your business while sick, our Disinfecting Service kills 100% of bacteria and viruses to help ensure a safe and healthy experience for your customers.


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